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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership 

We have a tremendous passion for leadership, and more importantly, a deep desire to add value to others by empowering and equipping them as leaders.  We are both practitioners that been trained by the best leadership experts in the world and our goal is to help you keep Growing Forward!    

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Be a part of an extraordinary event that will make you an even better leader. Leadercast Live is the largest, one-day leadership event on the planet, with more than 100,000 current visionaries and future world-changers attending each year.

This year, attendees will gather at more than 700 locations in 20 countries to be inspired to develop their leadership skills and master the fine art of achieving great things.

Be a leader worth following...


Seven years ago,  Live2Lead launched. It was born out of a vision from John Maxwell that desired to see leadership principles not only taught but embraced. John’s heart was for a transformational leadership movement to spread across the globe.

That’s because John has invested the last 30 years of his life into adding value to people who multiply value to others. The people who do the multiplying?

They’re leaders like you...

Growing Forward

Jon Hauser and Doug Peters met in 2006 and they discovered that they shared a tremendous passion for leadership.


More importantly, that they share a deep desire to add value to others by empowering and equipping them as leaders. 

Jon and Doug have equipped people to grow and develop into leaders in their work places, families and communities. 


Join them as they continue Growing Forward...